Taylor on a gun mount

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Taylor on a gun mount Empty Taylor on a gun mount

Post by Pokermind on Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:31 pm

Taylor posted this on his FB page "We ran down to Houston to visit my Dad Saturday, and we went to see the old Steward again, in Galveston. It's nice to go down to the sea and go aboard a 4-stacker-size ship from time to time, to keep the "feel" real.
I jumped up on the pointer's seat of the #1 gun on the fo'c'sle, and was yammering about something when this pic was taken. Stewart is one of only 2 DEs left, and Hurricane Ike nearly got her a few years ago. Lots of nice restoration work belowdecks."

Taylor on a gun mount 12814529_1325186817507091_7702923110684644834_n

Link to Taylor's FB page.

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