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Republican Flintlocks and the Grik

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Republican Flintlocks and the Grik Empty Republican Flintlocks and the Grik

Post by Zor Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:59 am

If anyone still uses this forum I have a question that I'd like to posit in regards to the Republic of Real People and the Grik. Up until Amerika arrived the Republic of Real People made use of Flintlock muskets and similar and had been on that level for 200 years. While the Grik had little interest in the area their were confrontations on the border between the Grik Empire and the Republic. Some of them were Grik Raids and others were moves into Grik Territory by the Republic's people. Either way sooner or latter the Grik would have ended up with working examples of Flintlocks and powder. Once they had that, they would replicate them.

Gunpowder would be a bit more complex, but they could probably work that out by smelling what was in it and it's smoke. It would probably mean a fair bit of trial and error for them to get it right, but that's what uul are for.

I see this as a shortcoming in the worldbuilding.



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