Here's why no Gatlings:

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Here's  why  no Gatlings: Empty Here's why no Gatlings:

Post by Rommel on Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:52 pm

The Gatling is not a true machinegun like the Browning clones the Lemurians use. It is a volleygun-a rapid fire, rapidly reload-able, gun that can be used like machineguns. Probably the Best Volley gun was the twin barrel Nordenfelt. Other volley gun designs tended to be too bulky to be used like a Browning or B.A.R; these latter two of which is a base of fire weapon for an infantry squad. Gatlings are more jam prone than any other kind of volley gun. Volley guns are best used for massed infantry/cavalry raids. In actuality, a repeating cannon loaded with canister shot is as equally effective. SO waiting for BRowning was wisest.


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Here's  why  no Gatlings: Empty Re: Here's why no Gatlings:

Post by Dilandu on Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:44 pm

It depend. For frontline actions, I agree - Gatlings are much better. But for anti-aircraft defense of ships and rear installation? You could enlarge Gatling to the autocannon size much easier than Browning: and you could use less tolerable materials and components for Gatling, because the strain is significantly lower.

IMHO, the 1-2 inch Gatling-type autocannon (electrically-powered) would be the best for Alliance warships close anti-air defense. Also would perfectly work agains possible enemy torpedo boats.

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