Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats

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Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats Empty Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats

Post by Pokermind on Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:06 pm

Taylor Anderson wrote following discussion of an early Russian Transfer from Alaska on his Discuss Blog,

Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats C5b0b858e05d4ea412dcc8b9849087c5?s=60&d=monsterid&r=g On October 19, 2015 Taylor says:

Hmm. Not that this is a thing–but it MIGHT be. Why not a Russian/Eskimo colony ON the ice sheet/bridge, having reverted to subsistence hunting of grikakka or some cold-loving seal analog. Easy to see why the Impies might not have found them, even having made a cursory survey. It’s all ice up there. What do they want with it? Why visit again–except possibly to hunt the seal analogs. It’s even possible some of their colonials know about them, but have kept their lips zipped for fear, earlier, of the HNBC moving in and monopolizing the trade like they were trying to do with everything else.

To give an idea of these boats see the following skin covered whaling boats from the following book:

Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats 10462352_761417437323604_4005137327372827559_n

Photo of such a boat, full page to read descriptions given in text:

Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats 12108820_761417640656917_4543421356014894934_n

The frame of such a boat, note text raw wallrus skin used as covering, hmm, Gri-kaaka skin? :

Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats 12065622_761417823990232_9152690259273326711_n

Another whaling boat frame continuation of text:

Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats 12140626_761417940656887_7559957209314445753_n

The prototypes for native Gri-Kaaka boats?

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Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats Empty Re: Skin Gri-Kaaka Boats

Post by donaldjj on Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:34 am

To be honest I thought that some of the work of boats by the the lemurons were skin boats. At least the description of them in the early books made me feel that way and that is an obvious and easy way to make bows when you need them fast and cheep


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